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PFP Allows Virginians to Recycle Food for Porkers

Nov 20, 2023 | Media

black and white pig eating pumpkins

Pigs eating pumpkins Photo by Youtube screenshot

by: Cheryl E Preston
NewsBreak Original, Sep 24, 2023

Pumpkins for Pigs is Nationwide

If you are looking for something different to do with your leftover pumpkins this holiday season you can donate them to be recycled as food for porkers. Pumpkins for Pigs is a nationwide organization that connects those who choose to donate large gourds to pig farmers.

The organization began with 4 donation sites and now has over 500 across the US. There is a list of 153 Virginia farms and sanctuaries that will be thankful to receive your uncarved and non-painted pumpkins as feed because they are a great treat for the animals and also are great for compost.

Goats enjoy pumpkins Photo by Youtube screenshot

Recycling Benefits the Animals

Don’t waste good pumpkins by throwing them away after using them as decorations during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even Christmas. Donate then to Pumpkins for Pigs to feed the animals as in addition to pigs, goats enjoy eating pumpkins as well.

The Texas Farm Bureau says that pumpkins are best as a seasonal treat for animals because of digestion issues so Pumpkins for Pigs has the right idea to make use of those that would normally be thrown away. be sure to spread the word that left over pumpkins can be recycled.

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